Service Designer
Information Architect
Content Strategist
UX Researcher

Hi, I’m Janice Chan (she/her), and I translate my experience as a technologist, community builder, and teacher into usable, inclusive services. People often ask me to make sense of complex processes or ambiguous environments. Teams trust me to align structure and workflows with stakeholder needs and business goals.

On the left is a flatscreen on a wall and a woman dressed in black standing in front of it, speaking to an audience both seated and standing

How I work

I start by making sense of the context. I look at the whole stack, from touchpoints and business processes to systems and all the people who make things happen. I often draw to facilitate conversations across boundaries, looking always to bridge the gaps and to map towards clarity.

Who I work with

I started my career in the nonprofit sector, but I have also worked with startups, consulting firms, government agencies, and large institutions.

I work best with teams who have a clear sense of mission and who place people first.

What I can do for you

I have spent more than a dozen years leading the messy work of organizing and restructuring information so that people can work together more effectively and focus on their goals. If you need help making sense of what’s needed to make a service or experience better for all involved–let’s talk!